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Let me start off by suggesting the Fashion Job Search web site.  In all fairness, I must tell you that I suggest this site first because it happens to be one of ours.  My second suggestion is to visit the employment section of Apparel Search (  You can easily view the employment section by clicking the link you just past that said "employment".  Now that I have suggested my favorite two fashion industry employment sites, let me point you in the direction of a few more fashionable resources. 

OK, here are the big job search engines ...

Fashion Job Search - Fashion Job Search Directory

Career Builder - Career Fairs  Career Resources  Career Articles / Advice  Salary Calculator (a Monster Company)

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Let's be honest... If you want to search for a career online, searching for jobs on Monster, HotJobs or CareerBuilder, is the way to go.  Even though we have our own fashion industry jobs board, even I would utilize some of the big boys when searching for my next job in fashion.  Certainly, I would use Fashion Job Search first, but I would definitely supplement my research at Monster and the others.

With that said, their are many fine fashion industry websites that provide wonderful resources for locating a career in fashion.  The fashion industry portals and fashion newspapers provide many valuable resources to assist you with locating a fashion job.  Many offer free viewing of job listings and other sites charge a fee to view available jobs.  Below we will list some of the free job viewing services as well as some of the pay services.

The Women's Wear Daily which is referred to as WWD is a prominent fashion paper.  They provide a women's wear fashion newspaper, as well as online news and classifieds. Although you have to register to view the employment classified, the service is currently free for viewing online.

If you live on the West Coast and or wish to relocate, I suggest you get a copy of Apparel News.  If you do not wish to subscribe to their fashion paper, you can also find a fashion career by browsing their online job postings.  At this time, they do charge for online viewing of the classifieds, but the fee is very low and well worth the expense.  Again, if you wish to work in California you really should get a copy of Apparel News.

Do not forget to view the job postings on the web sites of the leading Fashion Industry Employment Agencies.  Agencies, provide wonderful resources both online and off.

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More resources for finding fashion jobs will following very soon ... Maybe tomorrow, or maybe not.

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