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To view fashion videos on RooTV, go to their lifestyle section to find the link to fashion.

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Hey, we all like videos.  How can you go wrong watching a fashion video...  The best part about a fashion video is that it it is beneficial for both genders.  Clearly their are differences between men and women (learn the differences).  The beauty about fashion is that it serves both unique species equally.  Although I do not want to write too much about why I personally enjoy fashion videos, I can say that fashion models are pleasing to the eye.  I guess viewing the "clothing" also has some value.

I suggest you go to google video, and search for videos about fashion, runway show videos, fashion designer videos, and a few other good searches...

View : Japanese Fashion Video Brazil Fashion Video Light Up the Catwalk

If you are interested in feature length movies you can view the Fashion Video section on Apparel Search.

more resources for finding fashion videos will following very soon ... Maybe tomorrow, or maybe not.

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